Siding (Soffit / Fascia)


CertainTeed Mainstreet Siding and White Soffit & Fascia



Why choose Vinyl Siding?


  - Ease of Maintenance  

      - Annual exterior wash is all you will need to do to keep your home looking sharp

  - Endless Design Possiblities

      - A variety of colors, profiles and accesories are available to customize your home

  - Strength & Durability  

      - Can stand up to high-winds and not susceptible to rot and termites       

  - No More Painting! 



CertainTeed Mainstreet Siding, White Soffit & Fascia, 5" Gutters & 4" Downspouts



Soffit & Fascia


Enclosing wood soffits (overhangs) and fascia allows you to rid your home of exposed wood that, over time, will deteroriate and require painting and possibly replacing.  Soffit panels are installed that allow for proper ventilation and fascia is enclosed in either pre-bent or custom-bent aluminum.  Lastly, any other exposed wood like window and door trim or roof support beams, are wrapped with custom-bent aluminum and caulked to create a watertight seal.  All soffit, fascia and aluminum wraps are available in a variety of colors.



New Siding, Soffit and Fascia.  Windows and Roof Support Beams have also been wrapped.


CertainTeed Mainstreet Siding (color: Cypress) and White Soffit & Fascia




Siouxland Gutter Helmet is proud to install CertainTeed Siding Products




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